Muktaben Chodvadiya had experienced an accident that left her with injury to both of her knees. She had no other choice but to replace her knee in order to save it. Her family was aware of robotic technology and decided on robotic knee replacement for both of her knees, which saved both of her knees.
Rheumatoid arthritis was discovered in both of Raghunandanbhai's knees. Despite seeing numerous doctors, he was unable to find the right knee treatment. His medicine regimen gave him some momentary comfort, but it didn't fully alleviate his knee pain. He underwent robotic knee replacement surgery on both knees and is now able to walk without experiencing any pain.
Tribhuvanbhai Polara injured his right knee after falling down some stairs, and even after completing a medicine course, he continued to experience knee discomfort. He underwent robotic knee replacement surgery, which helped to relieve his knee pain, after 3.5 months of discomfort.
Kantaben Suhagiya suffered from severe knee arthritis and the worst knee pain whenever she walked because of cartilage destruction. Her decision to have a robotic knee replacement ultimately resolved her knee issue.
Tarunaben Doshi was suffering from severe knee pain. She had rheumatoid arthritis which were damaging the knee. She had Robotic Knee Replacement & now she lives painfree.
Jaswantbhai Sanghavi when came for consultation he wasn't even able to walk properly. After getting knee replacement surgery for both the knees, now he is walking happily.
Rajniben Patil was suffering from severe knee pain, after the diagnosis of her knee it was found that her tissues were damaged. She had undergone Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery which gave a new knee & life.