Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic knee replacement is an advanced and more precise method of knee replacement for people suffering from severe arthritis and knee pain. Compared to the traditional knee replacement, robotic knee replacement gives you more ease and fluidity, the feel of a natural knee joint, a long-lasting prosthetic and a pain-free experience so that you can live your life to the fullest.

How does it works.

In Robotic Knee replacement surgery, the surgeon is assisted by a robotic arm in removing the damaged muscles and tissues of the joint and helps in replacing it with a metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthetic. With the assistance of a robotic arm, it is possible to perform joint replacement surgery with extreme precision. The surgeon can navigate the smallest area of the joint without causing undue damage to the surrounding tissues or excessive blood loss.

Before the surgery, the surgeon collects images, based on which a 3D model of the knee is created while the surgeon plans the next step. All the stages of the procedure are pre-planned by the surgeon and are followed during the procedure. All of these happen over multiple visits to the doctor so that the entire plan is ready on the day of the surgery.

The best robotic knee surgery in Surat that have given successful outcome and have improved the life of patients suffering from severe arthritis and knee pain are the ones that are handled by experienced surgeons like Dr Kaushik Patel.


Is robotic knee surgery better than traditional surgery?

Robotic knee replacement surgery has been known to deliver better results compared to traditional knee replacement. Since the surgery is performed with robotic assistance, the placement of the prosthetic is better aligned and causes less damage to nearby muscles, ligaments, and tissues. This proves beneficial in terms of pain reduction, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and function of the knee after the surgery. Under the supervision of the best robotic joint replacement surgeon in Surat, this procedure gives some of the best knee replacement results.

Does the robot do the knee surgery?

No. The surgeon is only assisted by the robot (or the robotic hand, to be precise). It is the surgeon who controls the procedure completely. The robotic arm helps the surgeon in moving precisely according to the plan put in place by the surgeon during the pre-surgery stage. The surgeon can intervene and change the pre-decided course of the procedure during the surgery if the need arises. So, it is the surgeon who controls the robot and performs the surgery.

What is the recovery time for Robotic Knee Surgery?

Every patient brings with him his own set of health setbacks. For example, some might have hypertension while others may be suffering from long-term diabetes, and then some patients will have no comorbidities. The recovery time for each patient differs and depends upon factors like medical history, activity level, age, degree of damage to the joint, etc. Having said that, the recovery time for a robotic knee joint replacement is much less than the traditional knee replacement surgery and takes, approximately, six weeks for a complete recovery. The patient is said to have recovered completely when the soft tissues and the surgical wounds are healed, the joints have retained their movement and functions, and the patient feels comfortable getting back to his daily activities.

Does it pain in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

Robotic knee replacement surgery gives you less pain as compared to traditional knee replacement surgery. This is because the surgery is performed through smaller incisions of 3 to 6 inches (also known as minimally invasive surgery) that takes less time to heal. Whereas in traditional knee replacement surgery the surgeon needs to perform the surgery through an 8 to 12 inches long incision. However, it should also be noted that the pain threshold for each patient is different.

What are the benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

Robotic knee replacement surgery is fairly new and to get the best outcome for the surgery it is important to choose one of the best robotic knee replacement surgeons in Gujarat.
Apart from being the most advanced technology, Robotic knee replacement surgery has many other benefits:

  • Greater Precision: The knee replacement surgery can be performed with extreme precision with the help of the robot-assisted arm. This helps in better alignment of the prosthetic, leading to better movement of the joint.
  • Robot-Assisted: Since the procedure is robot-assisted, the surgeon can navigate through the smallest curves of the joint without causing undue damage to the surrounding ligaments and tissues.
  • Minimally Invasive: A Robotic Knee Replacement surgery is performed with smaller incisions rather than the larger ones as is done in traditional knee replacement surgery. The incisions are 3 – 6 inches and therefore is referred to as minimally invasive.
  • Exposure Control: Patients with NAVIO can benefit from robotic help without having to undergo imaging CT Scans. The NAVIO System does not require a pre-operative CT scan, in contrast to existing robotics-assisted platforms. Instead, while doing the treatment, the surgeon gathers photos to create a 3-D model of the patient's knee. The replacement of the knee can start once a plan has been established. This increased level of accuracy may enhance the partial knee's sensation, function, and possible longevity.
  • Less Pain: The bigger the incision, the more pain for the patient to endure. However, since robotic knee replacement is performed through smaller incisions, patients go through less pain than traditional surgery.
  • Less Blood Loss: According to a study, robotic knee replacement patients had 27% less blood loss as compared to traditional knee replacement surgery.
  • Less Damage to ligaments and tissues: With exact precision and convenience to navigate the smallest areas of the joint, the robotic arm restricts the movements to only the damaged ligaments and tissues. The ligaments and tissues that do not need repair are left untouched.
  • Faster Recovery: The robotic knee replacement gives faster recovery from surgery and the patient can get back to his daily, non-strenuous activities in around 6 weeks.
  • Next to Natural: The robotic knee replacement surgery is known for its next-to-natural feel and movement of the prosthetic. With greater precision of the robotic arm and access to better angles, the patient has as close to a natural feel as possible.
  • Long-lasting prosthetic: With pinpoint accuracy in replacing the knee joint and better alignment, robotic knee replacement also results in a long-lasting prosthetic since there is less trauma and damage to the prosthetic over prolonged use.

Who is the best robotic knee replacement surgeon in Surat?

Dr. Kaushik Patel is one of the best robotic knee replacement surgeons in Surat. He took the initiative of bringing the advanced robotic technology for knee replacement surgery to Surat. One of the most experienced knee replacement surgeons, he has treated hundreds of patients through NAVIO surgical system in Surat and has had the best outcomes for his surgeries.

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