ABC ROBO Technique – A Unique Surgical Technique By Dr. Kaushik Patel

Dr. Kaushik Patel, a practising orthopaedic surgeon in Surat, is also regarded as one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Surat. He has been working with the NAVIO robotic surgical system for years now and has innovated the ABC Robo Technique, a unique surgical approach for robotic knee replacement. Dr. Kaushik Patel utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with allied healthcare professionals. At the centre of the technique is a customizable approach that keeps in mind the individual need and care required by a patient in order to build a tailored treatment plan targeted at optimising the patient's health and recovery.

The ABC Robo Technique focuses on ‘Alignment’, ’Balance’ and ‘Customization’. The technique is aimed at determining perfect knee alignment while at the same time, properly balancing the implant as per the specific fit of the patient (customization). “This revolutionary approach will help in achieving the best outcomes for robotic knee replacement surgery”, says Dr. Kaushik Patel.

What is the latest technology in knee replacement surgery?

The world of medicine is constantly evolving and turning the wheels of treatment with newer and better techniques. The latest is the robot-assisted minimally invasive knee replacement procedure where the prosthetic is replaced with just a couple of small incisions on the joint rather than cutting open the entire joint. This is the latest technology used by the best robotic knee replacement surgeons in Surat, not to mention, worldwide.

Dr. Kaushik Patel combines this technique with the ABC Robo Technique to arrive at a unique fail-proof methodology resulting in the most successful knee replacement techniques of all time. Both these techniques complement each other and are considered part of the latest technological developments in robotic knee replacement surgery.

How is the ABC Robo technique the best knee surgery technique?

Traditional knee replacement surgeries are performed manually by surgeons, guided by years of practice and intuition. They manoeuvre the smallest areas and tiniest parts of the joint solely by their expertise. But even if the procedures are performed by some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Surat or elsewhere, their human hand will not be able to achieve precision and hand steadiness as accurately as a robotic arm.

In most cases of knee replacement surgeries, patients are often not satisfied with the smoothness and feel of the implant. The dissatisfaction ranged from the implant feeling unnatural to some grade of stiffness in the joint. Some even complained about less range of motion effectively negating the purpose of going through the joint replacement surgery. A major reason for such unsuccessful outcomes can be traced back to misalignment in placing the prosthetic and lack of precision along with the quality of the implant being chosen. Moreover, manual hand manoeuvring may not be as delicate and cause unnecessary damage to the good adjoining tissues.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Dr. Kaushik Patel innovated the ABC Robo Technique which complements the expertise of the surgeon with the steadiness and precision of the robotic arm. While the surgeon oversees the entire surgical procedure, the robotic arm takes care of the Alignment, Balance and Customization while placing the prosthetic. The ABC technique addresses all the issues of the patient and therefore is the best knee surgery technique.

If the procedure is done by one of the best joint replacement surgeons in Surat, it will beget optimum results for the patient.

Is robotic knee replacement surgery better than regular knee replacement surgery?

Yes, the robotic knee replacement surgery is better than the regular/traditional knee replacement surgery in the following ways:

  • It allows for better precision during the surgery
  • Gives better balance to the soft tissues of the joint
  • Gives better alignment to the joints
  • Less blood loss during the surgery
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stays post-surgery
  • Better results in smooth movements of the joints

Which is the best robotic knee replacement technology?

The robotic knee replacement technologies are driven by two systems: The NAVIO Surgical System and the MAKO Surgical System.

Dr. Kaushik Patel prefers to use the NAVIO surgical system looking into its benefits. The NAVIO surgical system measures the joint (knee, hip, ankle, etc.) in stationary mode. The joint is then moved and rotated for the system to understand its range of motion and alignment. Both these measurement activities lead to a customized surgical plan that is patient-specific and helps the surgeon in making an informed decision about the best type of implant to be used along with the best line of treatment.