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Experience the power of robotics in skilled hands.

Gone are the days when surgeries were meant for excessive blood loss and damage to the bones. Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery is an evolution and a boon for the people who are in misery & suffering from Knee & Joint Problems. Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery sounds like a futuristic goal, but that future is now real.

Experience the freedom of Handheld Robotics & Delivery of Accurate Surgery Results.

The freedom of handheld robotics

The value of an expandable robotics program

The accuracy patients deserve

Benefits of Robotic Joint Replacement

Less Pain

Minimal blood loss

Less operative time

Muscle protection

Low bone loss

Quick recovery

Better movements

Less investment in hospital

How It Works

Image-free registration
In real time, the surgeon characterizes the patient’s bone and cartilage through a sequence of landmark collection and point mapping – no preoperative image required.
Patient specific planning
Designed to eliminate extensive ligament releases by visualizing cuts and gap balancing prior to bone preparation, the surgeon can customize a plan based on the goal for each individual patient using mechanical alignment and ligament data.
Robotics-assisted bone preparation
Using one of two robotic assisted control modes, the surgeon can execute the patient-specific plan with a high level of accuracy.
Upon case completion, surgeon can assess initial outcome of both long leg alignment and knee balance.

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